We're experts when it comes to punching out dents, buffing out finishes, straightening door panels, and everything else that it takes to bring a vehicle back to life after an accident. Doesn't matter if it's a flaking hood on a bus, oxidation on a delivery van, pinstriping on a RV, or anything else that the road, wind, and weather can throw at you, we can handle it all and bring your vehicles back to showroom shape.





With 4 CDL licensed drivers and a fleet of 15 towing vehicles, including three semi wreckers, we have the staff and equipment to move any part of your fleet, large or small. Whether you're stuck on the side of the road, or need some vehicles moved and are a little short on staff, we can get you from A to B without the hassle.





Managing a fleet can be very time-consuming, especially when it comes to sourcing and liquidation. The team at PRO Fleet has years of experience buying and selling commercial vehicles, and have cultivated decades-long relationships with many dealers and auction houses in the state of Arkansas and beyond. We can help you sell off your old units or track down the perfect additions to your inventory.